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Operation of the sewer system after FAST installation

The installation of cables in sewer systems requests that all the requirements of both the network owner and the sewer system operator/owner are respected. It has always been of paramount consideration during the development of FAST, to produce a “fit for purpose” system acceptable to both parties. The installation of the FAST system reduces the cross-section of the sewer but only by a small percentage. The clamps once installed do not disturb the flow of sewerage more than a normal joint.
In fact the clamps themselves present less of a restriction as the thickness of the strap ranges from 0.5 mm in small diameter sewers up to a maximum of 1mm in a 700mm sewer.

Maintenance of the sewer network can be performed as previously with no effect on the primary function of the sewer system:
  • Pipe inspections by means of CCTV robots can be carried out as previously
  • Sewer cleaning with high pressure jetting machines can be carried out as previously.
  • Rehabilitation work on the sewer pipes can be carried out even with the installed FAST system; practically all conventional maintenance and repair techniques can be used.

High pressure cleaning operations do not influence the transmission properties of the fibre optic cables. There are no transient attenuations.

Benefits of the FAST technology
  • The system is environmentally friendly.
  • Efficient, cost effective and can be expanded to fulfil future requirements.
  • Utilising existing infrastructure, i.e. sewers, reduces the need for excavation.
  • A quick and easy way to install a new network.

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