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Communication for a new millennium
FAST is a robot-controlled installation method for fibre-optic cables in sewers. The FAST system made by FAST ROBOT AG revolutionizes today?s communication via worldwide data networks just as much as the first telephone system changed everyday life. The FAST system provides data transmission for every household at the speed of light. Video-on-demand and all of the other new Internet technologies, therefore, become available at the push of a button.


Fibre Access by Sewer Tubes
News: Installed fibre optic cables with FAST robots

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Januar 2011
News: We have moved to our new location at the Steineggstrasse 32, Altendorf

Pilot Project: Cable in Canalisation
Progressive development of telecommunications in Germany is combined with the enormous expenses of commercdial cable laying.
From this point of view it is considered sensible by the telecommunications companies to utilise the broadly developed infrastructure of the municipal canalisation networks and thus be able to construct an economic wide reaching communications cable network.

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