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The FAST Robots

The FAST system is supplied as a complete operational unit.

200er Roboter

350er Roboter

The FAST robot systems are supplied completely installed in either a Mercedes 416 D or alternatively a cube/ container which can be mounted on a locally purchased chassis cab.

The cockpit area from where the robot is operated comes with a standard 19“ rack configuration. With Computer, Software, Rear View Camera, VHS video recorder, Power Supply Unit, Printer and LCD Screen

The rear work area is supplied fully fitted, with cable drum containing 200m of cable, emergency stop controls, anti slip flooring and storage areas.
Also installed in the rear area is an air compressor which has an auto “bleeding” function to ensure no water enters the pneumatics system. The robot has both air and electrical functions which must be kept operational.

Additional storage cupboards are supplied for tools and spares, together with robots parts. An air gun and water gun are mounted at the rear for the cleaning of the robot after installations. A retractable overhead crane is mounted to the roof of both the container and Mercedes versions to help raise and lower the robot into the manhole. An halogen lamp is mounted at the end of the crane to point directly into the manhole during night works.

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- FAST Roboter

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