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Fibre Access by Sewer Tubes

The modular system for fast installation of telecommunications cable networks that are fit for the future

At the end of the nineties, in co-operation with Alcatel, IK-T and the Hamburg Municipal Wastewater Utility, FAST ROBOT AG developed a method for installing fibre optic cables in non-man-entry sewerage systems. This method provides the key to connecting households to the communications technologies of the future. At present there are several fibre optic lines installed in European cities.

For further informations contact the FAST Communication Forum.

The FAST Technology - Glasfaser Netzwerke im Kanal.

The FAST technology was purposely designed to enable the installation of a protective conduit network for fibre optic cables within any type sewer system. It can provide networks that will meet all present demands but also has the capability to be expanded for future requirements in an efficient, financially cost effective and reliable manner.

The sewer system can be non-man-entry and man-entry, wastewater, storm water or combined water.

Special features of FAST technology:
  • developed for fibre optic networks in urban areas
  • protected by a large number of patents worldwide
  • installation in a pipe system which permits retrofitting at any time, ensuring that the fibre optic cables are always state-of-the-art
  • on average, connection points are less than 25m from the customer
  • development in progress which will eventually provide a direct connection to the customer's house via the sewer. FAST ROBOT AG has implemented an initial project in Japan in November 2000.
  • up to 9 tubes, each of which accommodates a cable with 144 fibres
  • no electro smog
  • installation procedure is fast and, as compared with conventional methods, cost-effective
  • no damage done to the sewage system and operation and maintenance of the sewage system is not affected
  • installation work can be done throughout the whole year
  • no building permits required

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