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FAST protective conduits and fibre optic cables

An essential component of the FAST technology is the corrugated conduits made of V4A stainless steel, with an outer diameter of 11.5mm or 15.5mm. These protective conduits cause only a negligible reduction of the cross section of the sewer, and practically all normal sewer rehabilitation methods and maintenance can still be carried out after the installation. The stainless steel conduits are extremely robust, resistant and designed against corrosion, chemically resistant and vermin proof.

One of the most important requirements of the protective conduit is that it is flexible and can be supplied on wooden reels for storage and transport, which reduces the area needed on the worksite, but also that after installation in the sewer system, the conduits are straight, and directly along the inside sewer wall. An assortment of fibre optic cables is available to be installed into the protective conduits, and FAST is therefore not “product reliant” on a single manufacturer.

The only restrictions of a particular fibre optic cable is the external diameter, (15.5mm conduits will hold a single cable with 216 fibres which would provide 648 fibres in three conduits, in a single 300mm sewer) and these particular types of cables are specially designed and protected by a PE sheath that is suitable for operation in a sewer environment.

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