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Manhole Mounting Materials

Manholes are a very important part of the FAST technology, as these provide access points out of the sewer and to the building or property of a network owner and or their customers. It is also understood that after the installation of FAST their must be no restrictions for access by the sewer network operators which prevents them from carrying out maintenance on the sewer.

It is with these points in mind that the whole principle of manhole materials have been designed and subsequently produced to ensure that the completed structure forms part of the original manhole and in no way damages the structural integrity.

  • All materials are made of V4A stainless steel.
  • The construction is solid and provides a “step safe” and , “vandal proof” protection to the fibre optic cables.
  • All components have sustained rigorous testing prior to the use in any sewer or manhole.
  • The conduits are positioned at a 10 ‘o’ clock or 2 ‘o’ clock reference point on the exit from the sewer pipe. This allows cables from CCTV inspection systems, and hoses from high pressure jetting machines to use the 12 ‘o’ clock position of a particular pipe length.
  • The construction must take into consideration, the bending radius of the fibre optic cable, but more important, the electrical conductivity and earth requirements.

Example of manhole mounting

Example of an upright out of
the sewer

Another upright before cement

A mounting with a multi
connection box

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